Saturday, December 20, 2014

Port of Oakland delays: 'Absolute madness’ threatens business.

Port of Oakland delays  could cripple business on the west coast. Not just in the immediate but in the future once the Panama canal expansion is complete.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Damn EPD! $1 a minute kind of excessive! B & B yanked on Peninsula. Rainy days suck!

I was talking to a client at my office at the Prosperity and I knew the time was getting close but I had to let them finish at their pace. When I went out to my truck, here was there to greet me. So for 42 minutes I have to pay $38 dollars. Almost a dollar a minute! That is San Francisco prices!

The B & B that has been placed by the Harbor District has had to be removed until we consult with our legal counsel on its status. There has been complaints by locals over escalation of nefarious crime type activity since we have supplied a place to poop.

And that almost ends today's rant. I will do the rest off line.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Major James Marks has bad Pearl Harbor visit 73 years ago!

My father James was at Pearl Harbor during the bombing many years ago. He later became a Major in the Army and passed the bar to become a lawyer in the late 50's. He was the first Deputy Public Defender in Humboldt County history. Later he went into private practice and had multiple law firms. He fathered eight children, my mother had seven. How many brothers and sisters do I have? Buy lunch for the first correct guess!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) purchasing Green Diamond mills?

My inside contacts tell me that Red Emmerson is completing the process to purchase the Korbel Sawmill and the Brainard plant from Green Diamond. Not only that, but SPI is also buying multiple saw mills in the state of Washington. Workers will officially be notified of this transaction next Thursday with a WARN ACT notice and explanation of the process moving forward. I have been in discussions and tried to organize some folk to do an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) buyout. That failed. Let us hope this transaction is for real. If not? More jobs lost in Humboldt County. Say it ain't so.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Slumoa project may move forward! 14 years late (r)!

(This is the house I see from my back porch everyday. Lead paint abatement project put on hold I am guessing.) In 2001 Robin and I were so happy to see the town of Samoa sold to the Samoa Pacific Group (Dan Johnson and Lane DeVeres) and their role out of plans for the future were bright. They said they planned to make lot line adjustments and parcel out each house to enable the long time Samoa residents to purchase. We were promised the first chance to buy these homes after there were cosmetic repairs to the outsides such as roofing and painting. There would be parks and trails, grocery store, shopping center and a mix of new houses and affordable housing. (AKA apartments.) Peninsula Elementary School would have an influx of new students and there would be a positive energy for us sandwellers.

Since 2001 there has been many iterations of the original master plans. Dan Johnson has learned one thing. Government can be so slow. While serving as a Director of the Samoa Peninsula Fire Department we had the Samoa Pacific Group come many times to try to form a Peninsula Community Service District so the town of Samoa could provide new infrastructure such as Sewage, Water and Parks. Each time they were met with push back from either the board itself or the residents of Fairhaven.

Now we learn from todays Times Standard that the project is jumping original phases to the project and building the apartments first. They have a 3.8 million dollar grant that needs to be used by 2015. The first most needed piece of the development is a waste-water treatment facility. So the grocery store, fire station, park, trails, campsites and other visitor services will not be in place beforehand as originally proposed. The Board of Supervisors and the California Coastal Commission will have to approve the amendments to the original plan. While I am disappointed in the process looking 14 years back, I am supportive of the project moving forward for the heath and vitality that I hope can be restored for the town of Samoa. That is one long time sandwellers opinion. And I have seen much in the nearly 35 years I have been a resident.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

Measure "S" puts Marks Consulting in the win column again! Bergel? I was told last week of this result.

Eureka School Bond Measure "S" wins! I was part of a large committee that had over 100 volunteers in one capacity or another. Orchestrating this mass of people was Gregg Gardiner and my hats off to him for his tenacity and hard work. I did data base management and it was huge. Around a 1/3 of all voters in Humboldt County live in the Eureka City Schools jurisdiction. Lots of walking sheets and phone banking sheets and then the entry of the supporters and banking them for the Get Out The Vote (GOTV). It wasn't flawless, but this was probably the most aggressive GOTV I have been involved in. The first election report showed us well short of the 55% threshold needed for the bond to pass and panic set in at the victory celebration for volunteers. People were asking me what would it take for victory to be stolen from defeat. I told the room to hope for a 60% poll voting showing to put us back in the game. Thankfully that happened but the volunteers were left at the edge of their seats for 17 days. The GOTV won this election. Went from around 80 votes up to over 300 up after absentee votes at the precincts were counted. Campaigns are controlled chaos. This campaign was successful keeping the chaos controlled.

I had lunch a few days back with a Humboldt political insider. (No, not MIM.) They had voter information of past elections and asked me to evaluate the trends. It concerned the Mike Newman vs Kim Bergel race.  I am a certified para-statistician (Thank you Louisiana Pacific for sending me to this certification process for operators.) and am obsessed with operational and political trends. All of information gathering was sitting in front of me and I offered that Newman was in trouble. The insider said if the Absentee Votes reached around 1,600 that it might be game over. That person was absolutely correct. And they did not want to be. I have told enough people this last week about what was going to probably happen. Not many believed.  I know, Lies, damn lies and statistics.

Monday, November 17, 2014

"Dignity Dump" or "Dump with dignity at the Dunes?"

For years I have brought up the fact the there are many homeless that make the trek to the Peninsula to use the dunes as their home. There are no bathroom services for them and you know they have to go somewhere. I have brought this up to Social Services and other agencies through meetings concerning homeless not having a place to go with dignity. I thought it would be a good low cost solution to have even just B & B's at the end of the 255 bridge at the "T" at the end. Seems that was problematic at levels that seem excuses. Well I was pleasantly surprised to find out the Humboldt Bay Harbor decided to surprise me with supplying one on Harbor property near the Cookhouse. For $80 a month we can feel good about doing something positive for the dunes. As long as people treat this with respect and do not vandalize this is a positive move. Now help me with a proper name.