Saturday, March 21, 2015

What's in a Nickname? Do you have any?

Most people I know have some sort of nickname that people bestow on them and some are funny. I have had a few placed on me over the years. Here are some and there history.

"Tooter": My oldest sister Kathy was said to be the first to start using this name on me. Don't know why. But it stuck to me to the point that all of my family and all who knew me (even teachers!) used this name exclusively. Most my immediate family still use this to this day! When we moved to Myrtletown when I was 11 years of age and I went to Lafayette school I purposely told everyone my name was "Richard". No more "Tooter the Turtle has lost his girdle!"

"Pooh Bear": Rick Mitchell was to blame for this. I was then 12. Some bastardisation of his walking around saying "I don't Care Bear!" and stolen by the Sugar Pops Bear. Still have some old timers from Myrtletown call me this. Makes me smile to this day.

"Dick": My co-worker Cap from Duck's market started calling me this for a few years. Luckily it did not catch on.

"Awesome": Brenda Hogan my co-worker at Louisiana Pacific came up with this. I think it was because I used the phrase alot in the early 80's. It held for a nearly a decade.

"Skid or Skidney": My workout partner and co-conspirator Ron Conley branded me with this. Married to "Stretch" of course. Came up with some great quotes for my 1998 Supervisor campaign; "You always get, what you always got, when you keep voting for the same old lot!"

Miscellaneous: "Mad Bomber" for basketball. "1978 Home Run Champ!" (It never happened but younger players in tournaments joke about this for the last 15 years at least.) And many derogatory names I won't mention.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Epic Hoopa Meeting on Cannabis March 10th!

There is an open public meeting on “Cannabis Agricultural Planning” being held at the Hoopa Community Center on March 10th at 6pm. It will have a Pot Luck for everyone in the valley.  Some of the topics will cover California’s 215 laws, Humboldt County current cannabis regulations and proposed new permit ordinance, National trends, Best practices and how to address environmental concerns and potentially establishing a Cannabis Collective.
But the hot button topic should be the Repeal of Title 34 Campaign.  
In 1999 the Hoopa tribe created an ordinance called Title 34 which banned; “The open and notorious cultivation of marijuana within the exterior boundaries of the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation under the guise of permissive use in light of the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 is unacceptable and endangers the general welfare, health, and safety of residents of the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation.”
With the Department of Justice decision to allow tribes to farm Cannabis with the blessing of the Feds, this is a great time for the Hoopa Community to take advantage of situation where cannabis is legitimized and the positive medical affects can be actualized.
 It should be a very interesting meeting nonetheless.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Press biased against Cannabis? Apologies to Will Houston.

Very interesting on what the Times Standard, North Coast Journal, The Lost Coast Outpost and local television stations deem worthy of covering. (Not blaming the Mad River Union yet. I don't get that paper until next Wednesday.) Yesterday the California Cannabis Voice Humboldt team showed up in force and packed the afternoon session of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors while presenting a power point presentation concerning the need to regulate cannabis.

Why very little press? Got me. The TS did a short clip on the morning session headlined "Groundwater, Cannabis" The written story had no reference of Cannabis in the article! Read for yourself.  Our item has been on the agenda for an ample time. I spoke too soon! Will Houston of the Times Standard did a great story today!

When is the last time that chambers have been over-filled for an afternoon session? I can safely say, without the subject being a popular person retiring from the county, not very often.

Our presentation was a reality based synapse of the positive potential of having a written ordinance that protects small farms in Humboldt County and creates revenue for the General Fund shortfalls. . The presentation also outlines our concerns of trespass grows, water diversions and pesticides.

Seriously, if this were another meth, weapon, cash bust that included cannabis, all the media players would be there. Just kind of surprised that a agenda item of interest that generated a packed Board of Supervisors chambers would be ignored.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Humboldt County Cannabis topic at BOS meeting tomorrow 2/24/15 1:30pm!

The California Cannabis Voice Humboldt (CCVH) will be presenting a power point discussion at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors chambers tomorrow 2/24/15 at 1:30pm. Let your voice be heard!

Sunday, February 08, 2015

North Coast Rail Authority (NCRA) update. Billboards & Locomotives down, Trail, Parks and THA up.

I had two NCRA sub committee meetings this past week and varied topics. Just thought I would update.  
The first item of the week concerning Property Committee business was a licensing agreement with the Loleta Community Chamber to build a Loleta Park Project on NCRA property in the Rail Corridor. The NCRA property committee unanimously agreed to endorse the project to the NCRA board as a whole. Emily Sinkhorn from the Redwood Community Action Agency and Loleta Community Service District Marcus Drumm gave details to the exciting project for Loleta.
The second item was concerning a billboard on NCRA property. The sign itself is owned by Geoff Wills and he respectfully requested reconsideration or at least a “trade” of sign placement somewhere else along the rail corridor, even to maybe another county.  He agreed to remove the sign and 2 others close by at the request of the other signs owners.  
The third item was a licensing agreement with the City of Arcata for the Rails With Trails Project.  Doby Class and Netra Khatri from Arcata Public Works updated the project and the Properties committee unanimously voted to move this licensing agreement forward to the NCRA Directors . This project will start in April! Only a few months away!
On Thursday I chaired the Trial Ad Hoc Committee and two items were before us. The first was a City of Eureka Abatement notice sent to CUE, VI LLC (Security National) to remove all locomotive engines on their property. The City said they would remove and dispose and charge the land owners. Security National representative Dane Grytness was present to explain his research and his willingness to entertain all resolutions to the issue. North Western Pacific Co. (NWPco.)  President John Williams had three different solutions to the issue. 1. Hide them somewhere else. 2. Move them. 3. Put a decorative fence around them. The City of Arcata volunteered to dismantle as scrap. The board will discuss this item at a later date.
The last item was to allow NWPco. to do the inspections for the “Speeder” train excursions. We voted unanimously to endorse this item to the full board.
The next NCRA meeting will be February 11th at 10:30pm in Healdsburg, California.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Ha ha. But, the toilet is there for a reason!

This is kind of a funny take of the B & B the Harbor District has provided for the Samoa Peninsula. It is across the street from one of the trail heads to Samoa Dunes. Yes, people are sleeping overnight and using the dunes for a homeless camp. Yes, they have no where to defecate with dignity. This is just a small gesture of our Conservation side to help the environment around the bay. Again, I wish the City of Eureka would move forward and doing the same for the "Devils Playground" behind the Eureka Mall. Just a small step in helping the homeless/housepoor conundrum.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lets protect the Humboldt brand and small farms. Before we don't have that option.

The Redwood Times did a story on a PowerPoint presentation I did recently for the Garberville Rotary Club. California Cannabis Voice Humboldt is getting close to have an Ordinance that is a completed document. There is a huge need in Humboldt County to eliminate trespass grows, stop water diversions and use Best Management Practices preserving small Cannabis farms.